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Property Management

We strive to deliver on two outcomes, i.e. enhanced investment value of the property placed in our care and a carefree property ownership experience for our clients, knowing that they have a professional team attending to the demands of every aspect needing attention.


Sectional Title and Home Owners’ Association Administration


Much have been said about the impossible load which a collective home ownership scheme places on the individuals who get appointed as trustees or committee members to operationally manage the affairs of the particular complex or block of flats. An excellent understanding of the dynamics ruling all decisions made by the Board of trustees or committee, has become a necessity. We view our clients as overseers of us doing the work, and not the other way around.




  • Administer the financial affairs of our clients in accordance with the specific mandate and service level agreement agreed to.
  • Collection of funds payable to our clients, duly reported on a monthly basis by means of accurate and up to date
  • Verification and payment of all accounts payable by our clients in accordance with all standing instructions.
  • Compliance with all legal requirements pertaining to the correct processes and record keeping when and where our clients have a need.




  • Keeping full records of the administration including proper books of account (computerized).
  • Keeping complete records of personalised statements of each owner.
  • Preparation of an annual estimate of income and expenditure for submission to the Boards of Trustees of Body Corporates and Management Committees of Home Owners Association for approval and the determination of monthly levies.
  • Providing monthly financial statements to all stakeholders.
  • For Boards of Trustees of Body Corporates and Management Committees of Home Owners Association: Arrange the annual audit and on completion, submission of the audited statements to all stakeholders.



MEETINGS (Body Corporates and Home Owner Associations)


  • Arrange the Annual General Meeting (one per year) and by arrangement, quarterly meetings of the Board of Trustees or managing committee of scheme.
  • Attend all meetings by agreement, including facilitating proceedings in accordance with professional protocol.
  • Preparation, keeping and submitting of agendas and minutes of all meetings to the relevant stakeholders.2678350
  • Assist and advise clients on procedural matters such as general meetings, special general meetings, quorums, proxies, resolutions, voting rights, etc.


INSURANCE (Body Corporates and Home Owner Associations)


  • Assist Boards of Trustees or Management Committees in the determination of replacement values, arranging for valuations where required and obtaining competitive insurance premiums.
  • Arrange for the insurance of buildings and improvements as well as other insurance the Body Corporate or Home Owners Association may require.
  • Handle insurance claims in regard to the common property.





  • Attend to all correspondence on behalf of client.
  • Store all records in accordance with the service level agreement with client and also retrieve such documents on request.
  • Oversee and implement all decisions and instructions, inclusive of contracted conditions of the client.




  • Handle all complaints and reports of rental maintenance problems.maintenance
  • Obtain quotations for all repairs and negotiation with contractors to perform services.
  • Follow through with all small repairs and arrange presentations of quotations for major repairs to the Board of Trustees.
  • Payments of all accounts and handling of all insurance claims for repairs.
  • Clearly define periodic upgrading and renovation of rental property.
  • Identification of firms that may be qualified to complete the project.
  • Convey the results of the Trustees decision to the contractors after a selection was made and a contract awarded.




We aim to always settle disputes amicably and strive at all times to promote harmony in our relationships with clients and stakeholders, and also between stakeholders themselves. Experience has taught us that contractual law, guided by the appropriate Act of Parliament, will almost always defuse a situation of potential conflict. The key for successful mediation lies in knowledge and communication skills.

Qualifications, Experience and Capacity

Owner/Manager: Jan Kruger



  • B.Comm. & SMP(MBA) - University of Free State
  • Certified Financial Planner and fellow of FPI (Financial Planning Institute)
  • Certificate: Law of Sectional Title Meetings – UCT Faculty of Law and Paddocks 2009
  • Certified Principal of a registered estate agency – NQF 5 (Valid Fidelity Fund Certificate)
  • Professionally qualified (PDE) Master Practitioner in Real Estate (MPRE)




  • Financial & Investment advice – Sanlam & Absa Bank – 22 years
  • Ex franchise owner of RE/MAX – 4 years
  • Management Consultant for Encore Australia (Financial Services Sector) – 4 years
  • Owner and Dealer Principal of Tenant Centre Estate Agency – 6 years




  • Certificationgraduation-hat-300x229
  • Estate Agency Affairs Board Fidelity Fund Certificate
  • National Certificate: Real Estate – NQF Level 5
  • Master Practitioner in Real Estate
  • National Association of Managing Agents membership
  • Paddocks certificate on Sectional Title Law